Hilltop’s Report 2019/2020

This report occurs against a backdrop of dramatic developments in South Africa and through the Pandemic, a worldwide dynamic that has so many different impacts affecting all forms of life on the planet. It has meant a change of doing business, wide ranging social impacts, both positive and negative and serious economic fall outs. All of this has been a very stressful environment in which Hilltop has had to find a positive pathway and manage. A serious lack of income from traditional sources and income generation raised many financial concerns for our organisation, which in turn have had its own impacts that had to be managed.

Despite all of the challenges there has been a silver lining which this report will point out. 

Key events that cover this period has been:-

  • Training programmes
  • The national elections where Hilltop played a key role in 2019
  • The collaborative training impacts
  • Hilltop projects including the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape specifically
  • Rommel Roberts 70th celebration and the positive impacts of many personal contributions that was so valuable during the Pandemic
  • The Covid-19 Pandemic and its impacts both positive and negative
  • Positive networking
  • Alternative energy

Read the full english version and the german version