Volunteering is life-changing, challenging, heart-warming and, above all, fun !

Hilltop has for many years in the post apartheid era encouraged a program of volunteerism to play a part of reconstructing a new path for the new South Africa. Volunteers have helped Hilltop achieve many objectives: bringing IT technology to the poor, creating interventions of Peace Work, development of specific skills and creating small businesses. Hilltop has implemented this through a world wide network of local and international volunteers through workcamps and with local and international groups and organizations such as: Velo Afrika (Switzerland) AfriKa  Komite (Switzerland), OEME Church Network (Switzerland) TVS (England), Mennonites (USA), Linux4Afrika (Germany) and FEPA (Switzerland) IJGD (Germany) amongst others.

Volunteering for Hilltop has been recognised as a very rewarding experience, as well as contributing to personal growth and development. Hilltop can provide volunteer references upon request.

Volunteering for Hilltop

Hilltop welcomes people who would like to volunteer in any one of the project catagories or within a specially designed project proposal.

The registration process requires:

An application to be completed. If the application is successful, a formal invitation will be sent which can be used for visa application. For foriegn volunteers there is a once-off registration fee of $200. and a monthly charge of $350 dollars which includes: accommodation, gas, electricity, management supervision and basic work-related transport. Food and internet use is not included. All volunteers are expected to have appropriate insurance cover during their stay. A recommended time frame for a volunteer stay is 3 to 12 months.

Upon completion and a volunteer report a certificate of acknowledgement will be provided. For inquires and further information contact:

Robin Roberts at robin@hilltop-centre.org