Vocational Training for Neglected and Abused Chilldren

Hilltop is currently developing a special training programme for older children in the range of 16 and 18 years old. At age 18 these young people are required to leave the Daily Bread, a local East London Children’ s Home, an orphanage. The daunting reality is that these young people must re-enter mainstream society, get employment and establish a home life outside of the Institution.

This need is illustrated in a documentary called “The Lost Girls of South Africa”, a True Vision production. Many young people fall prey and go back into cycles of abuse. Hilltop has just recently designed a new programme to empower these young people on a sustainable basis which will start with skills in the areas of computers (software and hardware technical), woodwork, garment making, patterns and clothing design, electrical skills, agricultural skills. Volunteers with technical skills are needed to assist with this much needed programme.

Hilltop’s Dimbaza Centre Facilitates an Economic Action Plan for Community Businesses

Dimbaza Township is an economically depressed community with 120 factories standing empty and vandalized after the fall of apartheid when subsidies were withdrawn. Today there is hope after a special initiative to launch an aggressive restimulation plan based on a government announcement. Rommel Roberts and Hilltop’s Dimbaza Business Centre have hosted a series of meetings with local business men designed a plan to put forward practical business proposals that will result in the rejuvenation of the local economy.

A link with a company in Switzerland has already been established. This company has an interest to invest in Dimbaza. Updates on this will follow.