Social Intervention and Human Rights

South Africa has been experiencing thousands of protest stemming from community unhappiness about poor living conditions very high unemployment and unprecedented government leadership corruption.

The city of Cape Town has been particularly affected in 2013 and 2014. Rommel Roberts was requested to attend a special in augural meeting of the launching of a Concerned Citizens Group spearheaded by Professor Ellis and other prominent and eminent leaders. Including persons like Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Arch Bishop Thabo head of the Anglican church of South Africa, and many leading academic’s.

Rommel’s role is that of a coordinator and facilitator for the CCG creating links with the affected communities and several civil society networks, as well as the political leaders of the Western Cape.

The civil society intervention lead by the Concern Citizens Group has already produced a wide ranging number of results. This has included direct intervention with protest leaders who are based in the informal settlements surrounding the city.

To maintain a level of calm and discipline as opposed to earlier protest acts of ill disapline and illegal acts of hooliganism. In return for gaining the support of religious and civil society leaders in support of their fight against ill justice and demand for the fulfillment of basic human rights in-line with the constitution. This has created opportunities to met with government leaders to address their communities cry’s of non service deliver and critical housing conditions.

Through the CCG they have been able to address the media, to speak with church leaders and attend a joint walk of witness in the informal settlements.

The concerns township residents have also have been heard in the banking and investment with whom further decisions have been held with a view to potential private investment intervention.