Since 2002 Robin Roberts has been involved in care giving, guidence, nurturing and of the upbringing of the local village children in Hanover  who have spent time at the farm after school on the weekends and holidays.

On February 7th, 2013 Robin and Rommel decided to invite two little girls into there home at the time Owethu had just turn 3 years old and her sister Nora then only 9 years old. The girls coming from an rural village in the Queen’s Town area, through the Department of Child Welfare it was determined that they had been severely, neglected and abused, it was decided by authorities that they needed to be placed into a long term fostering programme where they could be protected and nurtured and cared for appropriately.

Since then, Robin and Rommel have been acting foster parents for these two beautiful girls and have witnessed them to flourish in their care and at Hilltop farm. They attend the local schools and are wonderful students, use and learn with computers and are happy children!

Robin and Rommel in 2013 also decided to be a place of safety to a little disabled girl who was living with us in our home for 7 months. Little Anita was a child who was homeless and head of household, abandoned by her mother found by the authorities in East London, she came to stay with our family at Hilltop.It was a wonderful experience to have this child with us and a defining period of time where she learned to speak fluent english with us.

In March 2013 little Anita was finally placed in a childrens home in the East London area where she is doing very well and thriving. In her new school teachers found that she was so advanced in her learning and education that the school advanced her from grade 3 into grade 4, an amazing example of the care and guidence at Hilltop and the developement of her education and skills!